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This requires, inter alia, a sympathetic managing editor to assist non-native English speakers in Europe and beyond to communicate their research findings with good clarity.

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He will be supported by a panel of Scientific Editors and by an Editorial Board, who will advise him. We are indebted to Dr McCulloch and his editorial office team for their dedicated efforts in bringing this first issue to fruition.

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We also thank the authors, who have entrusted their papers to HESS, the reviewers who have responded so promptly and Arne Richter, the Secretary-General of EGS, for his continual support and enthusiasm for this venture. By rallying around HESS and giving it the priority which will ensure that high quality is achieved from the outset, we can, as a community, eventually match the achievements of WRR. You and future generations of European hydrologists will be the beneficiaries.

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There he emphasised the role of CERN as a transnational model derpartumi kaalulangus homoopaatia research which not only achieved great results in science but is also a powerful vehicle for progress in other fields. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden of a new journal is dependent not only on attracting high quality papers, but on the preservation of high standards in the overall cherry wings body slim erfahrung process.

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