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Terms of this competition are very simple! Ei kleepu ega jäta plekke. Mitte kasutada ärritunud nahal või kui kasutamise järel tekib liigne ärritus. It helps women notice the changes occurring in their breasts over time. Indeed, doctors recommend that women learn what their healthy breasts look like and how they feel.

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This is an important part of caring for your body. Indeed, doctors recommend that women learn what their healthy breasts look like and how they feel.

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But there are other changes in the breast, which also need to be paid attention to. These include: Changes in size or form of the breast Skin changes — especially the emergence of wrinkles or wells Changes in the appearance of the nipple or secretions from the nipple Chest pain that does not disappear with time Nodules or bumps in the breast tissue If any changes are observed, ask your doctor for advice as soon as possible.

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These may be harmless, but it can be confirmed only cryoskin slimming arvustused a physician. Most of the new nodes or other breast changes are not serious and can be easily treated, where appropriate.

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If they prove to be cancerous, however, it will very likely be successfully treated. The earlier a problem is found, the better the chances. Breastlight is a new health and wellbeing product for women. It helps women notice the changes occurring in their breasts over time.

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Breastlight lets you see your breasts in a new light. Breastlight emits strong light through the breast tissue, so to some extent, you can see the inside of your breast.

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So you can find out how your normal breasts look like, to spot any changes and hopefully feel more confident in the knowledge that you take care of your body as you see fit. What do you see when observing your breasts? You can see the veins and other blood vessels in your breast as dark lines.

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They are totally normal. Around the nipple, you can see a circle of small dots — the dots are part of the mammary glands. They are also perfectly normal.

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What to pay attention to? When observing breasts with Breastlight, you can see some dark patches or shadows.

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These may be abnormalities in the breast. When you find these, consult a physician. Here are some pictures of the examples of what you can see.

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To be safe, it cryoskin slimming arvustused important to examine your breasts for all suspicious signs. Whether it is a palpable nodule, an odd change in the nipple area or a dark shadow visible with the Breastlight, in any case, you should contact your doctor.

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Keep in mind that all abnormalities are not cancer. In fact, nine out of ten cases are not cancer, but small problems that can be easily treated.

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It is important to consult a doctor immediately if you notice any changes or abnormalities. An immediate check saves you from unnecessary worry.

And if the nodule occurs to be cancerous, you have the best chances for successful treatment. In the treatment of breast cancer have been made great strides and, therefore, the number of patients cured of breast cancer is continually increasing.

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Important facts Although Breastlight is a valuable tool in raising breast awareness, Breastlight is not able to identify any type and any cryoskin slimming arvustused of breast abnormalities in all locations. It is not intended for use as a diagnostic tool. PWB Health does not claim that with the use of the Breastlight, one can always succeed in finding breast cancer, breast nodules or other breast diseases.

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Breastlight can draw attention to potential abnormalities that may later turn rasva poletamine ped-id to be normal, or may require minimal medical intervention. For example, blood-filled cysts, and hematomas also appear as dark regions.

But we suggest having the doctor examine all the suspicious findings. Breastlight is not suitable for use during breastfeeding.

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Breastlight may be used in the presence of implants and after lumpectomy. If in doubt, ask the opinion of a medical professional.